Pauline Hanson: An Explanation

I think I have captured the essence of Pauline Hanson


The legendary Pauline Hanson has been sighted in the liberal media, declaring her intentions on running in the Australia Federal Election. In a world dominated by reasonable individuals, it can be disheartening to watch the media report on the perverse and pariah. It is as if Australia exists within a bubble separate from the outside world, a joke where we are both the set up and punch line. Crackpots and fools control the newspaper, laying waste to the informed voter and the infirm subscriber, a dead medium that tries to get a rise out of the living.

I remember when my family and I travelled to a small, backwards town in the middle of Tasmania. Upon entering a store a friendly shopkeeper and her adult son asked where we were from. “Ipswich”, my father replied with gusto. “Ipswich, you don’t happen to know that Pauline Hanson, do you?” Awkwardly, my…

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Scum Mag

[Note: this piece was posted as a satire for an April Fools joke. It is was written by one of Scum’s editors, JamesButler.] 

It is a dangerous time to be a man. Why? No, not the war in Afghanistan. No, not Kim Jong in North Korea. The answer is something that has wriggled its way into our society, hungry with a blood-thirst for man: feminism.

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