Quote of the Day

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Stan Lee

Taken from Ohdannyboy blog

I have been utilizing this section as a soapbox/diary to catalog my thoughts. I usually try to relate the message to the quote and even address it my own way. Just to clarify it for everyone.

Still from Man Of Steel, taken from fondopantalla.net

At work today I got into an in-depth discussion about the merits of ‘Man of Steel’. Not having thought about it much, I had decided that it was a solid Superman movie that was visually stunning. But the discussion spurred some debated around the closing scene. SPOILERS: The scene in particular refers to Superman snapping the neck of General Zod. It had been an odd, unexpected experience on first watching but I usually don’t think about movies hard enough. A women at work decried the act and called foul on the whole movie and I believe she is right. Superman never killed. A lot of the time his message was that no matter how evil someone is, if you kill them you are no better than them. This was compounded after I re-watched Superman Vs. The Elite, an animated DC flick from a couple of years ago, and probably one of the most shocking. The whole last fifteen minutes it seems that Kal has gone off the deep end and is resorting to the same tactis that the Elite employed, which was killing anybody they deemed evil. The final twist being it was all just an act to show the world what the vision of an all powerful being metering out justice at will look like: terrifying. When Superman snaps Zod’s neck he loses a part of what makes him special. The part that wants humanity to be more than what it is. He represents what man could be.

Taken from odiariosecretodekalel.wordpress.com/

Apart from that the story was almost non-existent. To paraphrase Dan Harmon, “If the hero in your movie is called Trombone man, by page twenty he better have a fucking trombone.” The erratic flashbacks to his childhood was at best annoying. I would have preferred a linear story-line. They stretched out the story because there wasn’t much too it, so in parts it feels horrifically slow.

The best part of the movie was the visuals and the actors. Everyone nailed their respective roles. Henry Cavill was badass and Russel Crowe was fantastic. Kevin Costner nailed it, and Amy Adams channeled textbook Lois Lane. Except one part which I thought could be cleverer. Amy is talking to Christopher Meloni about being let in to investigate a strange discovery under the ice. After tearing apart this man she concludes her speech with, “Now can we stop measuring our dicks,” or something along those lines. It would have been infinitely more Lois if her line had been, “Now can we stop measuring our pens.”

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