Quote of the Day

“There are all kinds of stupid people that annoy me but what annoys me most is a lazy argument.”

Christopher Hitchens

Taken from the Telegraph

I was reading Christopher Hitchen today and after yesterdays debacle of not asking the right questions I realised I need to work hard upon my ability to create an argument. Critical and intelligent thought is one of the greatest aspects of the human mind and to not develop it, to strengthen it would be a crime. I am reminded of the Socrates’ quote about a what shame it is for a man to die before knowing the full extent of what his body is capable of. In this he was referring explicitly to the body, but this to can be applied to critical thinking.

I am encouraged by my friends who are quick of wit when it comes to situations that call for critical thinking. But I simply need more time. I believe it comes from my poor memory which is something I hate terribly but maybe it isn’t. It is more likely a lazy mind not versed in the techniques that they are trained in. Too often to I withhold my opinion in fear that it is wrong before heading off home and researching my thoughts and forming a coherent reasoning.

I was thinking today that I could develop some book reviews into this website as a sort of monthly happening in which I take my time to criticize a work in a way that requires research.

I was reminded of a bit I wrote a while ago.

Still from The World According to Garp

A man obsessed with mortality, writing, and extremism, yeh I can relate. ‘In the world according to Garp everyone was a terminal case’

T.S Garp from John Irving’s “The World According to Garp” is an interesting case, a man whose life is so extraordinary and yet so average at the same time. A man born from his mother raping a mentally challenged man, who bedded whores in Vienna, wife-swapped back home, and was the son of a feminist icon and a father to another. Despite the events that seem to occur around him, Garp lives his life as a human, a man, and a father. His reactions are true and his emotions are real. His life is constantly affected by the violence and darkness that he witnesses, yet instead of writing a book about it… wait, well I guess he does exactly that. But otherwise he confronts his problems and his fears head on… well not exactly. Sometimes he does avoid them. Other times he simply forgets. But most of the time he tries to push through, despite that. He is the protagonist people can relate with, not always doing the right thing but certainly trying to.

Samuel Johnson once said that “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Someone else said it was the first.

I have bought another book and it is currently making its way from the distant motherland known as England. It is a book about the Frontier Wars between the Aboriginals and settlers in Australia, something that I believe all Australians should have a basic knowledge in. I felt I needed to expand my knowledge on this because as they say, those that forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

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