Quote of the Day

“Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.”

Woody Allen

Taken from Thatsawrapshow.com

I hate homophobic comments. Like actually physically repulsed.

I also hate sexist comments whether towards  males or females. I remember one time at an old job one of the young attractive managers was bending over to pick something up. An absolute tool of a workmate walks past her, stares at her ass and then pretends to smack it. He looks at me as he does this. He says to a me and a coworker after: “Why is it every time I see a women’s ass I want to smack it.” I replied, “An ingrained 1950’s style sexism?”

I held a particular hatred for this dude because he would simply lie all the time. He was a story topper who would spin all kinds of bullshit to impress you. I didn’t know whether to yawn or feel sorry for the bloke. He was always measuring his achievements against everyone else, and if he didn’t measure up he would grab a fucking ladder to tower over you.

I had work again today so I am going to finish up. I wish I had the strength to keep going but I am pretty tired.  I hope you enjoy this.

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