Simon Armitage: The Effect Of Voice

Photo credit - Paul Wolfgang Webster
Photo credit – Paul Wolfgang Webster

Nothing is stranger, or more familiar, than the idea of voice.” (Bennett and Royle 28)

This essay will discuss the influence the idea of voice and how it has affected Simon Armitage’s poetry.  This essay will argue that Simon Armitage’s poetry is haunted by voices of the past, influences, and his society.  First, it will discuss the ideas of voice developed in Bennett and Royle’s book, “Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory”, and in Marion Thain’s essay, “An Uncomfortable Intersection”; secondly, this essay will further develop these ideas of voice and apply these theories to Simon Armitage’s poetry; and thirdly, this essay will discuss that haunting voice in Armitage’s poetry; finally, this essay will discuss a unique construction in Amitage’s work.

In Bennett and Royle’s book, “Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory”, they discuss the many uses of voice in literature. They argue that literary text both presents and studies voices and that there is more than one voice in these texts. (74) When text studies the idea of voice, it is in fact a voice studying a voice. Bennett and Royle point to Thomas Hardy’s poem, “The Voice”, as an example, where the narrator is hearing the echo of a dead lover, but either dismisses the idea or accepts that the voice can live beyond the grave.

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How I Learned to Love the Liberals

Tony Abbott
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Originally published on Portwhine and Mild Mutant, in print from Obiter

I, for one, am not content with the environment policies of the current Gillard Government. Talks of a ‘carbon tax’ and a ‘green economy’ are for hippies who only fly Astral Airways. Discussions of a ‘sustainable tomorrow’ envision a world that isn’t the future I envisioned.

The only man to share my vision is Tony “The Rabbit” Abbott. You heard him last week; he is ready for it. The Liberal Party have always been forward thinkers and they champion the policies and environmental insight that will ultimately bring about a world that I want to be a part of. They are visionaries of tomorrow, today.

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