A Guide to Self-Immolation: translated by a Patriot


There is a stench in the air. The grass is drying under callous winds and cruel sunlight. It is a great day to feel ashamed of your politicians. The Great White Rabbit is at it again. A mad gash has torn this country in two revealing what lies underneath, and all he does is kick a pile of dirt into the split and then blames Labor when it hit someone. It is surprising that he hasn’t blamed Labor for getting him elected, but then that would have to be the honest truth.

There was desperation in the last election. The people were unhappy with both side of politics, but the fact that the last Prime Minister was a woman stuck in the craw of conservatives everywhere. The Great White Rabbit became a crushingly good opposition leader. His strategy was to scream “no” until he died or the other side retreated. If that “no” somehow formed a three word slogan he would start dripping couplets without restraint. He tugged on the ears of Australians, day in and day out, and corroded their souls over border protection and spending.

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