Him & him: An Evening with a Psychopath

I wrote a piece for Mild Mutant that is all about this guy I met. He unsettled me and I hope you don’t like him too.


The comedy show was dank and dark, with a crowd so small they compensated by laughing extra hard at all the worst bits. Which is why it was strange his approach to the stage brought pained expressions from the comedians who would follow. His act unfolded without punch lines and little in the way of humour, but he made up for it with misogyny and generalisations. This was my first encounter with the Psychopath.


The man drew whispered condescension from the people who knew him. One person warned me to avoid him at all costs. But I was drunk and prepared to lose myself in the random chaos the world had to offer.

He was in control of everything except himself, the social manipulator with no conscience. He had recently returned from South America where rumours followed that he escaped massive debts and a pregnant girlfriend. He now jokes about…

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Quote of the Day

“I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before. But it’s true – hard work pays off. If you want to be good, you have to practice, practice, practice. If you don’t love something, then don’t do it.”

Ray Bradbury

Taken from Esquire

I hit a wall today. I found it really fucking hard to do the exercises and writing that I have been doing for nigh on a month now. It was mainly because I worked eleven hours and finished at 10:30. But as soon as I realised I hit that wall the need to keep going was overwhelming and I sat down and did my push ups and sit-up and this whole thing. I know deep down that if I don’t continue to do this everyday, if I don’t continue to work hard on my writing then I will never be able to live with myself. That if I stopped doing my exercises then the next time I will exercise will be months from now. Like an addict I just need to take it one day at a time. No missing time, and no days off just hard work and resilience.

I want to be a man. A good man. I want to give my life meaning and if I don’t sit down and type these words out I know that my head will just feel crowded, and on the days when my head is so full of voices it is like a cattle train passing the station, then I know I will feel cold and alone. Because a man with too many voices in his head can only subdue them for so long. Sometimes they need to be let free upon the page. To be read and re-read.

My head aches after today and I will not have much of a chance to rest tonight. But tomorrow I will rise early and prepare for the next couple of days. I will exercise in the morning and type up several six word stories and have them prepared to run. I will set up a couple of Quotes of the Day as well, but their body shall remain blank. Hopefully I will find the time on Friday and Saturday to do them.

I am working the sexpo which doesn’t finish until around midnight. That is all I have to scream into the void today.

A Few Words,

Though my post have been non-existent lately, I am still taking the time to write as much as possible. I still think I should put something out into the ether, so I am going to start doing daily six word stories as a way to have constant updates and a sort of driver to produce more. Hey, maybe some of them will even be ok.Image

Scum Mag

[Note: this piece was posted as a satire for an April Fools joke. It is was written by one of Scum’s editors, JamesButler.] 

It is a dangerous time to be a man. Why? No, not the war in Afghanistan. No, not Kim Jong in North Korea. The answer is something that has wriggled its way into our society, hungry with a blood-thirst for man: feminism.

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My early years at school were horrible, mainly because of one boy.  This one boy was at the centre of my hatred because I was the centre of his cruelty. Although he could hardly string an insult together he still managed to make me feel horrible. He was the kind of bully that if you could go back in time and punch him you wouldn’t, because his frame would crush you.

One day in the middle of class he turned to me and without any context said, “At least I can catch a footy.” This sentence shattered my world. His bullying was always physical, but this uncharted leap into intellectualism left me broken.

I feel sorry for him though, he had a hard childhood. His father used to beat him. He did it to toughen up his child and over years of being beaten it did toughen him up. His…

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