So tomorrow heralds the start of two great events: Movember and National Novel Writing Month.I have decided that to try my hand at both, but especially focusing on the Novel. I have planned to write a novel for a while and I believe that this will give me the kick start I need to do all the ground work on it. What this month requires is 30 days and nights of hardcore, nonstop unedited writing. The editor in me can take a break while words are haphazardly thrown on the page. If you see me around give me a pat on the back and tell me it will be over soon. Otherwise, I feel telling as many people about it as I can will force me to do it, because I will not suffer the failure. For those of you at home here is what you can do. Below is a widget that will display my word count over the month. If you see me failing give me a kick up my ass and tell me to keep working. The daily average is 1600 words.

I will hopefully write a few blog posts as well detailing my struggle so keep in touch.


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